All About Berean Baptist

We are a Independent Sovereign Grace Baptist Church


About our Berean name

Why we chose the name Berean for our assembly. Berean is just a noun used to describe a person from Berea or an adjective to describe the character of the place or people. The name Berea means well watered so no great significance there. The reason is the statement the scriptures make of the Jews at Berea. Acts 17:11 “These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.” It is their, noble spirit and reliance on the authority of Holy Scriptures to confront all that is presented to them, this attracts us to this name. It is our desire that God would by this name remind us to ask, “What does the Bible say?” in all things.  After all that is all that will matter in the end.

About our Baptist name

We are not ashamed to be associated with the people that are called Baptist. This does not mean we agree with everything that has been done by those that have called themselves Baptist. We also would state that not everyone that calls themselves Baptist are truly so. The Baptist name will at least let the seeking public know somewhat of what we believe, such as grace alone for salvation, perseverance of the saints (Once saved always saved), and congregational rule, just to name a few.

 About our use of the term church

When we use the term church what do we mean? The Greek word ecclesia that is translated into church basically means a called out assembly. Though all Christians are called out, they all will never be assembled this side of heaven, which restricts them of being called an ecclesia. If you call all Christians an ecclesia you destroy the definition of ecclesia.  Now we do believe that all saints shall one day be assembled on the other side of glory and rightfully be called a church (assembly, an ecclesia) a visible one I might add. Yet on this side of glory the only church that is known in scriptures is that of a local visible assembly. Sometimes the Bible does use the term ecclesia in an institutional since and possibly a few suggestions of that glory church, but very rarely. So when we use the term church we mean a local visible assembly.

About our independence 

We use the term independent to describe our church. This term does not mean that we are not dependent upon our Lord and Savior, nor does it mean we are not reliant on sister churches of like faith for carrying out the great commission. It just means we are not under any ecclesiastical authority, nor tied to any conventions, boards, clearing houses, or man made fellowships in our mission endeavors.

About our sovereign grace 

We are a Sovereign Grace Baptist Church, which basically means that we as a church believe that every aspect of saving grace is ordered by a Sovereign God. This would include the grace that chooses, the grace that calls, the grace that regenerates, and the grace that keeps you.

About our mission 

We believe that, the “Great Commission” recorded in Matthew 28 is binding on all local churches. We believe it to the point that if we were the only church left on earth it would be our responsibility alone to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature, as it was to the church at Jerusalem. What an overwhelming thought, what an insurmountable burden to bear. Outside of God’s sovereign grace how could it be met? Though we are a Sovereign Grace Baptist Church we are not fatalist. We believe God ordained the beginning and the end and all the means to get from alpha to omega. It is with this assurance that we go forth and preach to all men, that God will save, and he will use men to accomplish it. It is our desire and hope that he will use us. All our mission endeavors must be able to accomplish the requirements of Matthew 28. That is to preach the gospel and baptize the converts and to organize them into a church for their indoctrination. The only God ordained institution that has the authority to do this is a local New Testament Church.

About our ministries

All our ministries are goaled for the equipping of the saints for the work of the ministry. Ephesians 4 is clear that this is the purpose of the existence of the church and its ministries. Our ministries are not just for a social gathering but for spiritual training for spiritual battle. Our ministries are not of a political nature; we walk in the flesh but we do not war after the flesh. We are not working for this kingdom, but the kingdom to come. Our ministries to this kingdom, is to live a holy life and to pray for those in power, and obey its law that do not conflict with God’s word.

About our worship 

We firmly believe that worship should be a vital part of every church service. After all, our Lord is worthy of all our praise. That is basically what worship means: “thou art worthy”. With this in mind our services are designed to give God all the praise and adoration, for all that has or will be done.

About our music

We are not here to entertain anyone. We do distinguish between sacred music and entertainment. So our music will be of the traditional worship type. We do believe music is a vital part of our worship, but it is not the focus of our worship, that would be, the preaching of God’s word.

About our dress

We believe that Biblical Christian dress is to be descent and modest apparel. That it should not be to draw attention to ourselves, or to cause anyone to stumble.

About our fellowship

We enjoy the fellowship that God has provided to us, first and foremost with him, this church and then with our Christian family. However we do not walk hand in hand with those Christians to whom we have major doctrinal differences, or with those who we believe to be in grave doctrinal error. How shall we walk lest we agree? We believe that a church is an assembly of baptized believers that are covenanted together in faith and practice.  That in this assembly alone is our members to enjoy the blessings of communion at the Lord’s Table. It is not a Christian communion, but a church communion. Though we believe in the autonomy of every church, we do exercise the right to cooperate with sister churches of like faith and practice in carrying out the Great Commission. This cooperation is the ultimate and final decision of this congregation based upon its leadership of the Lord.

About our church government 

We believe in congregational rule, which is to say as we pray and seek the leadership of our Lord that he will direct us. That his leadership will lead to a majority decision for or against as he has led.  That it is the Christian duty if all possible of the minority, to submit to the majority for the sake of unity of the assembly. We believe that the Pastor and Deacons are leaders in the congregation and that their offices are to be held with high regard, but they are not to lord over God’s congregation.

Our Berean Creed

All on the alter of truth we lay, for we have no sacred cows among us. May our nobility be defined in the way that we pursue the truth, for we believe that thy word is truth. Now grant to us the noble spirit of the Bereans, that we may diligently search the scriptures to see that it is so, and may you grant to us this hour thy Spirit of Truth which will lead us into all truth. Now all glory be to the Father, through the Church, by Christ Jesus. Amen!

Our Five Rules for Engagement of the Truth
  • Always the pursuit of the truth
  • Always an open mind.
  • Always the Christian spirit.
  • Always the integrity and courage to accept the truth.
  • Always a humble spirit in possessing the truth