151 – Terminology – Part 2

151 – Terminology – Part 2




Those attributes of God which may be communicated, or in some measure transmitted, to His creatures through divine grace, either in general, or by sovereign dispensation. It should be understood that these are almost always, if not always, communicated only in measure, and never in the fullness with which God possesses them.


Those attributes which are exclusively of divine nature and, by virtue of their nature, and the nature of all creatures, as finite beings, are not communicable.


The state or quality of being independent; freedom from the influence, control, determination, or accountability for, or upon action to, any other being. (NC)


The state of being one, or united; oneness; singleness. Something complete in itself; single, separate thing. The quality of being one in spirit, sentiment, purpose, etc.; harmony; agreement; concord; uniformity. (NC)


The triune nature of God i.e., that God is three distinct persons in one divine essence. The doctrinal position that there are three persons in the Godhead, and that they are in total unity, as to purpose, nature, character and essence. (NC)


The quality or condition of being absolutely without flaw, or necessity. Concerning God it is not to be seen as a goal; or an attainment, but the basic state of His being from which the standard of perfection is derived. (NC)


The quality or state of being holy. As an attribute of God, it means to be absolutely flawless in all characteristics and activities. In this sense it is not to be seen as excellence in God’s conduct, by which He perfectly follows holy principles, but the basic personal attribute of God, from which all other attributes flow, and by which the principles of holiness become principles. (C)


The Quality of being truthful. When this is viewed as an attribute of God, it is to be seen as absolute, which can be said of no human being. God cannot speak inaccurately in any sense, either from lack of knowledge, fear of reprisal, protection from exposure, or any of the other reasons men lie. It is not a moral responsibility God exercises, but an involuntary attribute of His character. (C)


The quality of being infinite; endless, or unlimited as to space, time, distance, quantity. etc. Having no limits or bounds concerning knowledge, power and holiness; extending beyond measure or comprehension; without beginning or end; endless. (NC)